[VIDEO] What is Dynamics 365 PSA?

Welcome to my blog focusing only the latest Business App delivered on the new Dynamics 365 platform. Since the new services, or app, is brand new, I would like to ensure new and potential users learn about what it is – and in the details going forward.

Having personally worked in the Project Portfolio Management space for more than 14 years, and currently being a Microsoft Project MVP (Most Valuable Professional), it is very clear to me what the key difference is between Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Dynamics PSA.

Dynamics PSA should in my opinion go under the name “Dynamics for Professional Services”. The out of the box user experience targets a key process, which all organizations running customer faced projects need. This process or end to end lifecycle is covered by the module and includes everything from starting up a new client relationship, to managing contracts, defining the plan and resources and also tracking the actual cost, hours and expenses as a whole.

However, in case your are thinking about using it for e.g. New Product Development, R&D and other internal project activities, I would always suggest to go with Microsoft Project Online. The main reason, is that these departments and organizations focus on many other variables than just the cost and hours. They need to manage risks, issues, heavy documentation, approval workflows on all levels, programs, portfolios and so on.

To summarize my objective standpoint, Dynamics PSA comes with a process out of the box whereas Project Online can adapt to any process be it Prince2, PMI or your own. Whether or not other share this opinion is up to the individual. In my eyes, the solutions surely are focusing on different end users and project types.

So how does Microsoft themselves explain about the Dynamics 365 module – well, have a look at the recently released video.


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